Food Product Spotlight!

Posted by Lindsey Davis on 07/04/2019


The importance of eating fruits and vegetables is well known around the world. And for the most part, the general public is willing and even happy to incorporate more fruits into their daily diet. But vegetables…well that is another story. Their lack of sweetness compared to their counterpart make them less appealing to not only kids but adults as well. But one food producer is changing the vegetable game drastically by fresh freezing flavorful, premade vegetable side dishes, entrees, etc. Green Giant is producing a wide selection of products and they are a wonderful addition to grocery stores everywhere. Now to educate the public! 

Some of their newest products include the Harvest Protein Bowl, Cauliflower pizza crust, Veggie Spirals, Veggie Tots, Riced and Roasted Veggies. See below for further details on each product. 

Harvest Protein Bowl: A plant protein based entrée bowl that comes in 4 varieties- Asian, Southwest, Italian and California

Cauliflower Pizza Crust: This pre made crust comes in 2 varieties, original and tuscan

Veggie Spirals: Vegetable based noodle spirals made from fresh butternut squash, carrots, zucchini and even beets. 

Veggie Tots: These tots come in 4 varieties, corn, sweet potato and cauliflower, broccoli, broccoli and cheese and cauliflower

Riced Veggies: Perfect for the low carb fan, this "rice" comes in 11 varieties!

Roasted Vegetables: These vegetables have already been roasted making then a quick and easy side dish! They come in 5 varieties.

As a dietitian, it's important to stay up to date on the latest food trends, products, etc. so that we can successfully equip our clients to implement and lead healthy lives. This website also has premade recipes using their products so our clients can feel adequately prepared to put an entire meal together. 

Green Giant is not the only food producer streamlining the meal preparation process and making vegetables more appealing. Do some research for yourself (either online or in the grocery store itself) and see what you find! You will be pleasantly surprised! And check out the recipe page for a highlight from the Green Giant website.