Back to School Edition- Part 2!

Posted by Lindsey Davis on 08/29/2019


Last week’s blog focused on our back to school participants ages 5-18. This week we are talking about college! College is a time of budding independence. Individuals are charged with managing class schedules, grocery shopping, paying bills, studying, and most importantly eating. Mom and dad are no longer there to say when, where and what dinner will be so on campus dining options are VERY important. I am even going to venture out on a limb here and say it’s the MOST important aspect to the multitude of millennials choosing a campus home. A recent article featured on The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Smart Brief covers this topic well.  The link to full article is posted at the end, but I have placed 3 main points below illustrating how collegiate dining services are changing.

 Multiple Formats--“According to our 2019 report, today’s students want variety in every sense of the word, not just when it comes to the kinds of foods they’re eating (although that’s certainly important) but also regarding the range of dining formats (think on-campus grab-and-go kiosks, coffee shops, or c-stores). It’s no longer enough just to have a dining hall. According to our report, over half of operators say sales are increasing at dietary restriction-specific locations, more than 40% say sales are increasing at on-campus c-stores, and 37% say sales are increasing at on-campus coffee shops.”

Global Focus--“As colleges and universities look to cater more directly to diverse student populations, more global dishes are also appearing on dining hall menus, and diets such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, and keto are also being taken into consideration.”

Sustainability--“More than 7 in 10 students say they’d sacrifice functionality to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to single-use disposables. In general, students believe composting and recycling are very important, and they agree that their school’s dining program generates too much waste. To stand out from competitors, many schools are taking steps to improve sustainability efforts. Reusable food containers, for instance, which students are highly interested in, could present a viable solution to cutting back on waste.”

Looks like a great time to be going to college! I wish I could have had these options back in my day! Head on over to the recipe page and try our featured coffee cake recipe. No studying required!’t-what-it-used-be?utm_source=brief